Started in 1917 at a central place in Tripunithura which was then the seat of the Cochin Royal family, the institution was one of the pioneers of the co-operative movement. The main function of the Bank then was to lend money at reasonable rates of interest to the common people in order to save them from the clutches of money lenders who used to charge usurious interest and extort the common people.

The Bank is a pioneer institution of its kind in the State which had the unique honour of hosting the FATHER OF THE NATION for a public speech at its own premises in 1932. Also, the Bank had the privilege of hosting the national leaders like the late Rajendra Prasad and the late Jayaprakash Narayan and making it a venue to address the people and instill in them the urge for national freedom and make them work for it.

The activities of the Bank in relieving the hardship of the common people, though not in a large measure, earned for it a good name among the people of the locality. The credit worthiness and reputation of the Bank at that time are evident from the fact that even the Quilon National Bank, one of the leading banks in South India at that time used to deposit its surplus cash with this Bank. The reputation of this institution and its activities had enabled it to play a worthy role in the political, Social and cultural life of the people of the locality.

Five decades ago, Pandit Devadar, an expert on co-operation who visited the Bank, in his report to the Government stressed that the Bank was an institution worthy of emulation by other Co-operative Banks.

The Peoples’ Urban Bank is a licenced Special Grade Urban Bank which comes under the purview of the Banking Regulation Act and controlled by the Reserve Bank of India. The registered office of the Bank is at TRIPUNITHURA, apart of the metropolitan city of COCHIN, which is known as the Queen of Arabian Sea. Tripunithura is famous for the unique festival "Atha Chamayam" in several foreigners used to participate in the festival every year.

The Bank is graded as "A" in audit for the last 16 years. The deposits of the Bank are insured with THE DEPOSIT INSURANCE AND CREDIT GUARANTEE CORPORATION, BOMBAY. The Peoples’ Urban Co.operative Bank is considered as one among the top five Urban Banks in the state. At present the bank is having about 57000 share holders and half a million customers. The bank is a member of the Mutual ArrangementScheme of Kerala and AII India Mutual Arrangement Scheme, so that the Bank can utilize the services of a wide net work of co.operative banks throughout the country for the issue of DEMAND DRAFTS, MAIL TRANSFERS, COLLECTION OF CHEQUES etc. We have very attractive schemes of Deposits, Loans and Advances.

PUCB Milestones in history

1917 Novwmber 27 PUCB Banking started
1919 September 27 50 cent land bought for bank. Building inaugurated by Lakshmikutty Nethyaramma w/o Younger King
1934 January 14 Bank visit by Mahatma Gandhi
1961 As Service Co-operative.
1968 May Golden Jubilee celebrated.
1975 January 20 As Urban Bank (Under BR Act)
1980 Investment Insurance is provided.
1982 The clearing house membership has been received.
1983 August Got RBI bank license.
1983 Joined member of MASK.
1985 January 26 Mahatma Gandhi's statue was founded.
1985 March 23 Inaugurated first branch in Vyttila
1985 May 13 Palarivattom branch Inauguration.
1987 June 12 Representative public meeting came up right now.
1988 70th Annual Day Celebration
1988 September 12 Eroor Branch Inauguration.
1991 January 8 Elamkulam and Edappally South villages are coming to activity.
1992 Platinum Jubily celebration.
1992 September 28 Nettoor Branch Inauguration.
1995 February 18 Thiruvankulam Branch Inauguration.
1995 May 11 Kadavanthra Branch Inauguration.
1995 August 31 Kathrukadavu Branch Inauguration.
1997 June 24 Ernakulam and Edappally North villages are coming to activity.
2000 Implementation of computerization.
2000 February 12 Website Inauguration.
2000 November 10 Received permission to accept NR(C) account.
2002 January 16 Ernakulam Branch Inauguration.
2002 January 17 Mulanthuruthy Branch Inauguration.
2002 January 18 Elamakkara Branch Inauguration.
2007 December 13 The area of ​​operation was extended to Kanayanoor Taluk.
2009 October 12 Thrikkakkara Branch Inauguration.
2009 October 31 Core Banking was implemented.
2010 February 15 Edappally Branch Inauguration.
2010 September 25 ATM and SMS banking inauguration.
2010 December 13 Kanjiramattom Branch Inauguration.
2011 February The RTGS / NEFT system came into force.
2012 April 20 Arakkunnam Branch Inauguration.
2012 May 9 Vaduthala Branch Inauguration.
2013 April 29 Perumanoor Branch Inauguration.
2013 May 6 Chottanikkara Branch Inauguration.
2013 May 11 CTS clearing was implemented.
2013 September 13 Coin vending machine has been installed.
2014 February 16 PET scheme has started.